Life is Better in a Group

Small Groups are how

we care for each other.

Fall Season:

September 12th - December 4th

At its core, a Small Group is less about what you do and more about who you do it with. We all need each other and that’s why we have Small Groups. Just like most things, you won’t know until you try, so check out the directory and connect with a Small Group today!


Small Group FAQ

Have questions? We have the answers!

When do Small Groups take place?
How do I join a Small Group?
Is there something for my kids?
I have other commitments on Sunday mornings during the Small Group hour, what should I do?
What do you mean by "Fall Season?"
I'd like to start a Small Group, who do I talk to?
I'd like to find another study for my group, what ideas do you have?


Questions to help your group unpack the sermon!

RightNow Media

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You can view these videos from your phone, tablet, or computer. And you can also view them in a group setting through a TV or projector.

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